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Maintained by Inspector-London(69) 
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  Welcome to the Inspector-London shop product archive
  The shop is now closed.
  check out other items at www.inspektor-berlin.de

Inspector London is an arts project sited on eBay, which operates as the Inspector London shop.

The Inspector stock-list is a response to new possibilities of consumption emerging through virtual shopping and new technologies. Inspector London is interested in the way in which these developments have redefined our interaction with the product and have transformed the notion of manufacture itself.

Inspector also attempts to create a non-commercial space within Ebay for artists to respond to. Although art works are available for purchase, the proprietor is more interested in idea capital.

Artists are invited to create work specific to the Inspector project.

Participating projects are displayed under individual usernames using the existing buy/sell format of eBay. However, Inspector does not enter into conventional money/object transactions or act as gallery/agent for individual artists. The shop is regularly re-stocked and also hosts an archive of previous work.

To participate in the Inspector-London project check out the submission section.


Inspector London cannot accept liability for any products/services advertised on the Inspector London website.













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