Tlatelolco (2012) 11.23 min HD video (extract)
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portrays a night-time gymnast in competition with himself in a public exercise park in the district of Tlateloco, Mexico City.

Tlateloco borders on Tepito, the city's most dangerous district, and provokes largely negative connotations in the mexican psyche. Shortly before the 1968 Mexico City Summer Olympics several hundreds of student protesters were killed here by the army and police near the Plaza de Tres Culturas, a site of Aztec ruins. Also known for its now unloved social modernist housing projects built in Tlateloco during the 1960s, it was also severely hit by the 1985 earthquake which brought large-scale destruction to this area.

Shot at night and lit with ciara-oscura, the film combines a study of the location with a focus on vthe modernist facades during the eerie setting of summer rainfall and lightening. Introducing the gymnast and the outdoor climbing frame, the site is revealed as a magnet for Tlateloco's males who meet here every night to exercise when temperatures are less severe. The gymnast's aim becomes clear after a while - to climb up the frame as many times as possible before being incapacitated by complete exhaustion‚ his battle is emphasised by using multiple microphones - his breathing and the internal sounds of the climbing frame becoming instruments magnifying his struggle.