interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker, born in Germany 1975, lives in France.
BA Fine Arts and MA Critical Theory studied in London, Berlin and Kansas City.

She has worked professionally in the post-production and content industries and is currently a program manager for digital archives and editions.

Her practice encompasses both still and moving imagery and is often an exploration of the ontology of a subject using post-photographic techniques. Her work is usually founded in research questions and is focussed on archives, technical and media spaces as modes of production, as media while navigating the realms of the uncanny and the utopian.

More recently, her focus has shifted towards the exploration of cultural mechanisms, as exemplified in her latest project, the rough set . It aims to create a portrait of contemporary culture by collecting and analyzing cultural tendencies and elements. In the video Ai ga for example, protagonists from interviews, conversations and tutorial videos are re-cast by using animation tools explaining and questioning the impact of Artificial Intelligence and the history of computing. This interdisciplinary project seamlessly weaves together images, text, and film, engaging viewers in a multifaceted exploration of the intersection between technology and culture.

She is also interested in the expansion and renovation of artistic practice, currently articulated through the collaborative archive project Vollkommen Phantasielos about the german filmmaker and inventor Hellmuth Costard. The project centres around the production of a digital archive as a medium which includes interviews, texts, films and images to investigate the historic context and methods of Costard’s work often collaborating with people from other fields. The aim is to re-examine our own production and art production itself, to actively experience it and thereby give new impulses.

Selected exhibitions

Films of the third kind and Vollkommen Phantasielos, Werkstatt Hamburg
Archive Player CAP Centre d'art, St Fons
The violent history of Watermelons NFT series
Pompiers, a history of protest Büro Schwimmer, Berlin
Assad, in no particular order Rice up, Berlin
In Transit – eyesaretourists#3 Schillerpalais, Berlin
Fraccionamientos, Tlatelolco (El Andamio), Blow Up Werkleitz .move Forward
Smoke and Mirrors and Ozone Fotofreo curated by Marta Daho
Smoke and Mirrors PHOTOCINEMA festival, curated by Louise Clements, Derby, England
Smoke and Mirrors Premio Pezza, Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea in Cinisello Balsamo, Milano, Italy (Winner)
Shooting ranges solo show, Postbox gallery
Pursuit of Fiction Photofusion, London, England
Smoke and Mirrors ECB European Central Bank Photography prize (Runner up)
Shooting ranges Raw Art, Paris Art fair
Festoon MACCO art fair, Mexico
Inspector London and Rota-tv ISECA, Bangkok, Thailand


RICCARDO PEZZA European Photography Prize 2009
European Central Bank Photography Award 2008 (Runner up)
XPS Student Prize for digital print


Pompiers! Edition Schwimmer, 2020
European Central Bank Photography Award 2008, Schaden, Cologne, Germany, 2008 (ISBN 978-92-899-0296-0)
Normalnull, Ausstellung Sichtungsraum, Sven Eggers and Sibylle Hofter, Edition Schwimmer, Berlin, 2007 (ISBN 978-3-00-022828-5)
Raw Art, exhibition catalogue curated by Michael Elion,, Paris, France, 2007